Technical Level: Easy

The following settings need to be configured regarding online scheduling. To configure the setting, navigate to the settings page:

where 'xxx' is the unique ID number for the clinic.

Online Sign-In Page > Online Scheduling Restrictions >

  • Scheduling Window (hours)

Maximum number of hours from now that patients can reserve a slot through Clockwise.MD. This setting does not apply to Primary Care online scheduling.

Setting a value less than or equal to 24 will allow only same-day scheduling. For same-day scheduling, the scheduling window opens at 12:00 AM.

Setting a value greater than 24 hours is taken literally and has a rolling window from now.

  • After Opening

The minimum number of minutes after the clinic opens that the patient can schedule online. This prevents online patients from taking all the opening times and having walk-in patients who may be waiting at the door at opening from experiencing a prolonged wait.

Ex. the clinic opens at 8:00 AM with an After Opening buffer set to 30, the first available slot for online patients would be 8:30 AM.

  • Before Closing

Minutes before clinic closing to restrict online visits - reserving that time for walk-in patients.

Ex. the clinic closes at 8:00 PM with an Before Closing buffer set to 30, the last available slot for online patients would be 7:30 PM.

  • From Now

     The minimum number of minutes from 'now' the patient can schedule a visit online. This prevents the patient from scheduling an appointment which he/she could not realistically hope to make. This situation could be compounded if the clinic has a short late definition and has auto-removal turned on.

  •  Minimum Consecutive Walk Ins

This number defines the smallest number of walk-in appointments in a row before a slot can be offered to a potential online patient.

Note: Minimum Consecutive Walk-Ins will not work with overriden online times.  This value will be ignored when overriden slots are in use.

  • Maximum Consecutive Onlines

This number defines the largest number of online appointments in a row before a slot can be offered to another potential online patient

To hold every other spot for a walk-in patient, Minimum Consecutive Walk Ins and Maximum Consecutive Onlines should each be set to 1.

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