Technical Level: Intermediate

The online confirmation message is the message that is presented to the patient immediately after he/she completes the online registration form and is confirmed by the system. This message can be used to communicate to the patient what IDs and medical information may be needed at the clinic, what insurance requirements and restrictions may be encountered, and any additional symptoms may indicate the patient should visit a hospital emergency room rather than trying to visit the clinic.

The confirmation message can be configured on the New Settings Page :(

Advanced Settings > Patient-Facing Settings - Online > Confirmation Page > • Confirmation Message

The confirmation message can accept HTML and CSS coding. Below is a sample confirmation page with special coding (names have been changed to mask actual clinic identities).

Attention:  Please read 
before arriving at



Thank you! Your visit to [name] at [visit_time] has been confirmed.  We’ve sent you a confirmation email.

When you arrive at [name]:

  • Please bring your insurance card, valid photo ID and method of payment for copay and coinsurances (if applicable).

  • Please consult your personal benefit plan details for any out-of-pocket costs which might apply (if applicable).  PLEASE NOTE: Community Health Plan of Wilmington (CHPW) does not cover Wildwood Urgent Care locations.  CHPW members should contact their PCP or health plan to locate a different care provider. We do not bill any medical insurance for Sports or Camp physical exams, TB tests or Dental pain. You will need to pay cash at the time of service for those.  In addition, we only do Sports and Camp Physicals without known chronic conditions through high school age.

  • For your safety, you will be asked to verify your information at the facility prior to admittance.

You should only use this service if you are certain you can safely wait at home with no risk to your health. This service is not for use with life threatening, debilitating, or emergent medical conditions and you agree that you are not attempting to use the service for such a condition. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or are experiencing any of the following, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately:

1)  Chest Pain (other than with cough or injury) accompanied with: crushing pain or tight band, radiates to left arm or jaw, has shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, sweating, history of cardiac symptoms, or pain between shoulder blades

2)  Stroke symptoms: dizziness or headache with one sided weakness, nausea, or vomiting, or difficulty thinking or speaking

3) Severe abdominal pain

4) Severe headache:  what you would consider the worst headache of life

5) Motor vehicle accident: if your accident involved airbag deployment or occurred at greater than 25 MPH (accidents occurring at less than 25 MPH are generally treatable at Urgent Care)

6) Allergic reaction: swelling of the throat or mouth, difficulty breathing, or a feeling of inability to clear your throat (hives can generally be treated at Urgent Care)

7) Shortness of breath: you’re feeling faint or dizzy and have a blue hue around your lips or nail beds, or are unable to walk a short distance (mild shortness of breath generally treatable at Urgent Care)

8) Head injury: if you have lost consciousness, if you have difficulty thinking or speaking, if you are vomiting, or if your pain is severe

9) Blood with bowel movement: if you experience a large amount of blood or if stool is black or tarry (a small amount of bright red blood is generally treatable at Urgent Care)

10) Vomiting bright blood or if vomiting blood which has the appearance of dark coffee grounds


IMAGING: The Wildwood Midtown and Uptown Urgent Care Centers have advanced Imaging capabilities (X-Ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound). The Wildwood North Hill, South, Abington, and Living Lakes Urgent Care Centers have x-ray only. Patients requiring advanced imaging will be transferred to our Midtown or Uptown location for continuation of care.  The X-ray department is upgrading their equipment.  The Uptown UC will not have X-Ray from Nov 2-Nov 16th and will not have CT capabilities Nov 30-Dec 16.  The Mission UC will not have CT capabilities Dec 17-Jan 10. 

IV THERAPY: This service is only available at the Wildwood Mission, Uptown, and North Hill Urgent Care Centers.

If you need Interpreter services please contact the clinic you’ve made a reservation with.  

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