Technical Level: Moderate

The ClockwiseMD multi-patient option allows patients to schedule appointments for not only himself/herself, but also for additional patients, e.g., for dependent children or elderly family members. All patients are shown as being contained in the same visit, but Clockwise takes into account the time needed to see the additional patients and calculates the wait times accordingly.

In order to use the multi-patient feature, the following things must be completed:

On the Settings page:

Online Sign-In Page > Enable Multi-Patient Reservations

Once the multi-patient option has been enabled, you will need to create any/all custom fields to be collected during online registration. Once you have created the custom field(s), you will need to enable 'Collect for Additional Patients' for any fields that are used.

On the Settings page:

Custom Fields > Collect for Additional Patients

When the 'Collect for Additional Patients' is configured, the custom field is presented by default for the first patient - but only appears as a conditional field if/only if the Add Patient (Same Room) button is clicked. By collecting each element at the time the patient is added, the additional elements stayed grouped with the patient added rather than being lumped together by field type (e.g., all DOBs together, all reason-for-visits together). This makes it easier for staff to separate data elements and to aid in proper diagnosis.

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.