Technical Level: Easy

Your wait room display can be configured to either show the wait time or it can be hidden.

Navigate to the Settings tab, then click on the Wait Room Screen link below the Patient Facing in Clinic.

Once on the Wait Room TV Screen page, you will see each of your clinic's service line/queues. The names of these clinics can be edited and will change simultaneously on the wait room lobby monitor (if being utilized)

The next section displays the wait room screen's Universal Setting including:

  • Wait Time Display Options- Format to use when showing the wait time remaining for each patient
  • Patient Display Minimum (in minutes)- Minimum in minutes to display patients on the wait room screen.
  • Static List Lenght (in number of patients)- Number of patients to include in the static list at the top of the page\nAdditional slots (out of 5 total) will rotate through the remainder of the list
  • Show Patient type- Include a column with the patient type (walkin/online)
  • Enable Alert Button- Add a button to the patient queue for staff to trigger an alert message on the wait room TV screen
  • Alert Message Lenght (in seconds)-Time in seconds to display alert messages on the screen (applies only if alert button is enabled)
  • Wait Time Display Buffer (in minutes)- Length in minutes of estimated wait range (e.g. 5 minute buffer to show "10 - 15 Minutes")
  • Wait Room Callback Time Header- Wording for the remaining time column header on the wait room screen
  • Time to Leave Roomed Patients on Screen in Minutes- After an appointment has been called back, this setting will configure how long it will take until the appointment drops off of the Wait Room screen. For example, if this is set to 5, and you press call back on an appointment, it will remain on the Wait Room screen for 5 additional minutes before falling off.
  • Patient Name Format- This setting defines the way a patient's name is shown on HIPAA compliant screens.
  • Show Provider- Include a column with the assigned provider for each patient

The last section on the page is the Wait Room Ad Screen. This section allows clinics to display ads on their Wait Room screen. Please reach out to your Implementation Manager or Product Specialist for further detail.

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.