Technical Level: Moderate

A clinic may find it useful to use a marketing slide which alternates between the wait display queue screen(s). This can be a HTML-coded page, or the clinic may supply a .JPG file which can be hosted and have Clockwise direct the application to the hosted location for retrieval.

In order for the onscreen advertising to work, it must be first enabled below the Wait Room Ad Screen section on the Wait Room Screen settings page.

Once you have enabled this setting, be sure and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save to preserve your change.

Next, you'll need to provide either the .JPG image of the page you wish to display, or you'll need to code the page in HTML. If you code the page, copy and paste your code into the Ad Screen Content section. If you intend to use a .JPG image, you'll first need to host the image on a host server (Flickr, PhotoBucket, s3, imgur, etc.), obtain the URL of the image, and then substitute that into the configuration as seen below:

Once you have modified the code above to point to your image, be sure and scroll to the bottom of the hospitals page and click Save to preserve your changes.

Now go to your wait room URL for the clinic. If you already have/had the wait room page open, you'll need to perform a refresh of the screen before you'll see the change. The screen will scroll through the entire patient queue list, then switch to the advertising page. If you are using multi-queue, it will first cycle through ALL the queue lists, then display the advertising page.

Should you have any comments or questions, please e-mail Clockwise Support at or call the help desk at 1-800-729-1363.