Technical Level: Easy

One of the greatest features of ClockwiseMD's online scheduling is the ability for an online patient to select a visit time from a range of options, then be able to wait at home or run errands until such time as it is necessary to head to the clinic. Walk-in patients, on the other hand, have typically had to walk in, register, and then endure possible lengthy waits. The leave-and-come-back option allows walk-in patients to enjoy some of the same freedom and flexibility as is enjoyed by the online patient.

If wait times increase past a pre-defined threshold (by default, 30 minutes), an option appears on the check-in kiosk, giving the patient a choice to either stay and wait in the wait room - or - he/she can provide a cell phone number and a number of minutes to be notified before the visit time, and leave to return home, run errands, or grab a cup of coffee. Once the number of minutes before the visit is reached, the patient will receive a text message reminding them that it's now time to return to the clinic for their visit.

The leave and come back settings can be configured in the by navigating to Settings and clicking on Checkin Kiosk under the Patient Facing in Clinic section.

Once on the Checkin Kiosk Settings, find the:

  • Leave-and-Come-Back Minimum wait - Minimum current wait in minutes before new walkin patients are given the option to leave and come back. To disable Leave-and-come-back from the kiosk, set value of "999."
  • Leave-and-Come-Back End Time- Number of minutes before closing when new walkin patients will no longer be given the option to leave and come back
  • Leave-and-Come-Back Opt-In Working- Wording for the the leave and come back opt-in on the patient facing checkin kiosk page.
  • Use Two-Button Leave Option- For patients eligible to leave, include a button to stay in the waiting room and one to leave and come back. If not enabled, patients will be given a checkbox with the option to leave.

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