Technical Level: Easy

The check-in kiosk wait time can be configured to display in a number of ways. The list below discusses various ways of configuring the wait time display option.

To configure this setting navigate to Settings > Patient-Facing Settings In-Clinic > Check-In Kiosk > Main Checkin Page > Wait Time Display Option

Once there you will see a drop down menu with the following options:

Do Not Show - this option is selected if the clinic does not wish to display the wait time in any format.

Number of Hours and Minutes - this option will show the current wait time range in the hh:mm format.

Number of Minutes - this option will show the current wait time in number of minutes only, e.g., 90 minutes (this is the default setting).

Patients in Line - this option displays no expected wait time; only the number of patients in the current line up to the first break. A clinic using 'next available' scheduling would place the new patient immediately next in the order.

Time of Day - as of this writing (12/12/15), this option does not seem to be any different than 'number of minutes' discussed earlier. If this changes, we will modify the description to match the usage.

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