Technical Level: Easy

The default number of minutes which a text message will be sent as a reminder before the patient's visit is set at 20 minutes for an online patient and 20 minutes for a walk-in patient who leaves and comes back. Of course, the patient always has the ability to override this default and to enter in his/her own reminder lead time - but the clinic can also change what it desires the default to be before the patient changes anything. In the event no setting is configured, the value will remain the default 20 minutes for online, 20 minutes for walk-in.

To configure the default reminder time, navigate to Settings > Patient-Facing Settings In-Clinic > Check-In Kiosk > New Walkin Form > and change the Defait Pager Minutes you would like to display on the walk-in kiosk.

Be sure and click the green Save Changes button to preserve your changes.

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