Technical Level: Easy

On the patient queue screen ( where 'xxx' is the unique clinic ID), the Ready button is used by the front office to signal to the back office that the patient has completed all requisite registration tasks and is now ready to be called from the wait room and placed in an exam room.

This is the second of four important buttons in the ClockwiseMD process (check-in, ready, callback, discharge) and care should be taken to click the Ready button as soon as the patient is ready for callback, and that the Ready button is always clicked ahead of the Callback button. Failure to click the Ready button in a timely fashion will cause the system to misreport the time data elements and it will also create alerts in the system which track its proper use.

If daily 'Not Ready' instances rise above 10%, the system will mark this metric as above the acceptable threshold in your performance report by denoting the amount in red. In similar fashion, if the clinic sees too many occurrences of 'Fast Ready' - the Ready button and the Callback button being used in rapid succession of each other - then the performance score will also note the area of improvement by highlighting the metric in red.

If the Ready button is ever inadvertently pressed, this action can be undone by simply pressing it again so it says "No" and the row is no longer highlighted.