Technical Level: Easy

Patients who have registered for a clinic visit online, or who have walked-in and then elected to leave and come back will show on the wait room display and on the patient queue as not yet having checked in. They will stay in this status until they enter the clinic and check in via either the check-in kiosk or until a front desk staff member checks them in.

For the kiosk process, the patient will click the appropriate button, but if the patient does not stop at the kiosk for whatever reason, they will continue to the front desk and alert the staff that they are now in the clinic.

To avoid having the staff member have to reach over the counter to the kiosk or walk around to the kiosk, a Check-In button has been configured into the patient queue screen which will allow the staff member to check the patient in. Clicking the blue check-in button will change the 'Here?' status to 'Yes' and will cause a green check mark to flash beside the 'Here?' label.

If the staff member inadvertently clicks the check-in button, he/she can visit the Undo tab at the top of the patient queue screen, find the patient's name, and click the Undo button to have the patient status revert back to not yet being present in the clinic.

NOTE: when a patient has not yet arrived (or has elected to leave and come back), the patient name will be displayed on the wait room display, but the expected wait time cannot/will not be displayed until the patient has checked in. Also, the act of checking in will cause to cease any further automatic text reminders (as the system knows the patient is now in the clinic).