Technical Level: Easy

While it is hoped that every patient will be seen, and that every patient will keep his/her appointed time, we know there may be times when the patient either never arrives at the clinic (for whatever reason) or leaves without being seen.

In these cases, it is important that the missing patient not slow the progress of the remaining queue. ClockwiseMD allows for the removal of a missing patient via a Remove button on the patient queue screen. However, if the Remove button is inadvertently clicked, the patient can be restored to the queue by visiting the Undo tab at the top of the patient queue screen. Where the patient returns in the queue depends on how long between the removal of the patient and his/her restoration. If the patient is restored before the system can make its next recalculation, the patient will be restored to his/her original location. However, if the removal were a legitimate one, the system would attempt to adjust later patients forward, taking advantage of the newly-created gap. If the restore is not caught in a relatively short time, he/she may find that their re-entry to the queue occurs at a later visit time. While this might seem unfair to the patient who was removed inadvertently, it is also no fault of the later patients who now have been led to believe their visit will occur sooner than expected. Therefore, care should be taken not to mistakenly remove any patient unless/until one is sure they are no longer available to be seen.

It is also possible to configure patients to be automatically removed from the system if/when they have been identified as late arriving (or returning) for their appointment. Full details of this configuration are outside the scope of this discussion and will be covered in a separate article, but note that the definition of 'late' is configurable by the clinic, as are the number of times (if any) which the clinic will auto-reschedule the patient, and by what method the patient will be auto-rescheduled.