Technical Level: Easy

There may be times when the processing of a patient must be temporarily paused in the queue. For example, you have called the patient's insurance company to verify insurance information and are awaiting a confirmation callback.

Whatever the case, you still feel this patient will be seen, but you don't want to display a callback time on the wait room screen associated with the patient. Clicking the pause button will reflect a difference in the patient status by displaying 'Waiting for Authorization' on the wait room display screen. The clinic may continue to see other patients until the special circumstance surrounding the patient is resolved. These other patients will not be considered "out of order" as long as the paused patient is not marked as "Ready." Once the situation is resolved, staff may click "Reactivate." There is never the downside of losing queue position as is possible with the remove option. Note: pressing Pause will not "stop the clock" on a patient. Their wait time will still reflect the total amount of time between checking in and being called back.


The Pause button can be configured to show or hide in Settings:

Staff Screens > Data Views > Standard Patient Queue > Selected Columns > Add A Column

Don't forget to click Save!