Technical Level: Easy

If the clinic schedules future visits for patients who need to return to the clinic - for a follow-up visit or for a chronic condition - staff can use the Add Scheduled Patient button on the patient queue screen to set up the visit(s) for a future date and time.

After clicking the Add Scheduled Patients button, select the type of visit to be scheduled (the dates and times offered may change based on the type of visit selected). Scroll through the dates and times and click on the time desired. Fill out the registration information for the patient. If the visit is to be scheduled some time into the future, you may wish to set the reminder text to a higher number of minutes than usual as the patient may need more of an advance notification than normal in order to get ready and drive to the clinic.

Once the visit has been confirmed, you can use the green Future Patients button to see that (and all) scheduled visit.

*Note: online scheduling restriction do not apply to staff-added patients