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Clockwise.MD has several different reports that will show your clinic's data at the non-patient-specific aggregate level. If you need patient-specific data, you'll want to use Today's Patients and set the date range to show the range of dates for which you want to report (see Using the Today's Patients Page at

To Access reports, simply navigate to Reports tab at the top of your screen when logged into Clockwise.MD.

The report which populates by default is the "Overview." The page will automatically populate the date range of yesterday. Reports cannot pull in today's date.

Various reports are available to your clinic depending on whether your clinic is a standalone or part of a group: Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.51.50 AM-ZaI.png

All graphically represented data is interactive and can be downloaded, or saved as an image. For example:

Clicking on the Walk-In Patient color below allows us to filter the data: Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.31.54 AM-TWY.png

Which gives us a graphic not showing Walk-In patients: Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.32.04 AM-rv4.png

These reports can also be sent directly to your email by simply clicking the Email Signup drop down and subscribing to the particular report you would like to receive by email. Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.22.00 AM-h1E.png


Individual or Group Performance Report

This report shows the performance based on a date range at each of the facilities in your group in the following areas:

  • Performance Report: Overall performance based on the criteria described below and filtered by the selected date range.
    • Including Performance Score - 0 to 100 score. Begins at a default score of 100 and subtracts each time a staff utilization errors exceeds the percentage allowed (see explanation below as to types of errors tracked and percentage of each allowed). Any score over 95 is considered to be very good.
  • Staff utilization: Broken down by the criteria described below with guidelines and remediation guidelines

Here is a visual aid for ease: Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.53.29 AM-mGw.png

Here are the four areas in which the daily performance report scores the clinic in its utilization. 

Fast Ready

This is triggered when a patient is checked-in and called within 30 seconds of each other. This may occur with the first patients of the day, but there is usually a longer time between check-in and ready as the day progreses.

How to Fix – Staff should ensure they mark patient as ready soon as registration is complete and not right after a patient has checked in, then call patient back when an exam room is available.

How Daily Performance Score is Impacted - Fast Ready begins to impact daily performance score when percentage of occurrences exceeds 5%.

Not Ready

This is triggered when a Patient is called back and the Ready button is either not clicked.

How to Fix – Staff should click Ready before calling the patient back.

How Daily Performance Score is Impacted - Not Ready begins to impact daily performance score when percentage of occurrences exceeds 5%.

Out of Order Callback

Triggered if a patient who is not "Next" on the Callback list is called back ahead of a patient that is marked as "Next."

How to Fix – Staff should use Clockwise's nurse screen to determine the patient callback order and take the patient who is marked "Next" whenever possible.

How Daily Performance Score is Impacted - Out of Order Callback begins to impact daily performance report when percentage of occurrences exceeds 5%.

Patient Breakdown Report

The Patient Breakdown report allows your clinic a quick snap shot of the types of patients seen in your clinic including:

  • Patient Breakdown Overall - which shows the percentage of patients who were auto-removed, cancelled, discharged, removed by staff or transferred out.
  • Patient Breakdown per Queue - which gives the sum total of patients who were staff added, added online, and who were walk-ins.
  • Patient Breakdown per day- which shows online, staff-added and walk-in patients per day

This report helps clinics know what kind of patients are seen at the clinic and if trends appear over time.


Patient Throughput Report

This report allows the clinic to see the overall patient flow in the clinic broken down into various categories:

  • Walk-in vs Online Visit Time: This shows the difference in time stamps between walk-in patient and online patients.
  • Patient Throughput - Gives an overall snap shot in minutes of the average visit time, average wait time, check-in to registration time, registration to room time, time in the exam room to discharge, how long the patient was in the room before a provider saw them and how long the provider was with them to discharge (if tracking those data points)
  • Average Wait Time by Hour: Shows by day and hour when the highest wait times are in the selected date range.
  • Number of Check-in by hour: Shows by day and hour how many patients are checking in.
  • Number of Callbacks by hour: Shows by day and hour how many patients are called back and therefore seen. This helps determine if your velocity is set accurately.
  • Number of Discharges by Hour: Tracks how many patients were discharged by hour each day.
  • Average Checkin to Ready by hour: Tracks time (in minutes) between Check in and Ready which helps track overall registration time.


Wait Time Accuracy

This report compares the estimated call back times given by Clockwise to the actual callback times performed by staff.

The Accuracy Report uses a vast set of data to determine the clinic's accuracy including:

  • Wait Time Projection Accuracy- displays the wait time accuracy in graph form which shows the early and late deviation from the expected callback time including a 15 minute buffer.
  • Patients Being Seen on Time (overall/walk-ins/online patients)- Gives a percentage of patients who are called back early/late against patients who are called ten minutes early to the end of the wait time buffer). For example, if you have a reservation for 1:00pm and are called back any time between 12:50pm-1:15pm, Clockwise considers this "on time."
  • Average Accuracy by Hour (walk-in/overall)- This heat map shows deviations from wait time accuracy by hour by day. Negative numbers indicate the number of minutes on average patients were called back before their callback time. Positive numbers indicate the number of minutes on average patients were called back after their callback time.

    NOTE:  Heat maps show aggregate data by hour of the day over the days of the week.  Unless specified, the number is a raw count of total number.  When specified, the heat map may show an average number, or the number may be expressed in a particular value, e.g., minutes.  The number of occurrences to be totaled or averaged will vary depending on the date range for which the report was generated, e.g., a report for one week would contain only one Tuesday whereas a report for a quarter might contain 12 or 13 Tuesdays.  The darker the color of a cell in the heat map, the higher the number contained.  Heat maps can be utilized to identify trends or to assist in determining staffing levels for specific clinic hours.
  • Number of Out of Order Callbacks by hour- This heat map shows how many patients were called back out of order by hour. High numbers will be in darker shades of blue while smaller amounts per hour will be in pale blue or white.
  • Delay Messages - The following two sections show the number of delay messages that were sent to patients per day.
  • Accuracy by patient (by appointment ID)- This breakdown shows the wait time accuracy by patient in the date range selected.


Survey Reporting

This survey reporting allows your clinic access to:

  • Overall Survey Score
  • Daily Score by Patient Type (online, walk-in or staff-added)
  • Survey Scores compared to Wait Times
  • Survey Scores compared to Visit Length
  • Daily Net Promoter Score
  • Response Rate
  • Opt in Rate

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.