Technical Level: Moderate

In order to accurately calculate visit times, Clockwise.MD uses the concept of 'velocity', i.e., how many patients can your clinic successfully see in an hour. By using this 'patients-per-hour' factor, coupled with the number of providers and the number of available exam rooms, and other restrictions and settings, the application will determine how far apart to space the visits and whether it can safely 'fit' visits before times that have already been scheduled.

For example, if a clinic has one provider who can see four patients per hour. We would consider this clinic to have a velocity of 4.0. Provided the clinic opened at 8:00 AM, the application would offer visit times at 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, 8:45 and so on since 60min/4=15min. Clockwise would then calculate the wait times based on that velocity and online and walk-in patients would be given slots based on a 4 slot per hour availability.

On the Settings page, scroll down to the Velocities section and look for the Default Velocity. Enter the value of your default velocity here, and click the green Save button to preserve your setting.

Note: Changing the velocity during the day can impact the wait times of patients currently in the queue. When possible, adjust velocity during off-hours.

If, however, the clinic had the benefit of a second provider on Tuesdays, and this provider could also see roughly four patients per hour, leaving the velocity set to 4.0 on Tuesdays would cause the clinic to 'run ahead', i.e., see more patients in less time than was currently advertised to the patients. For the owners of the clinic, this might mean a potential loss of revenue. For the staff and patients, they would continually be trying to see patients ahead of their reservation time.

This can be resolved in the velocity settings by configuring one day of the week (Tuesday) to have a velocity of 8.0 (two providers x 4.0). On the Settings page, in the Velocities section, find the Weekday configuration and select the day you wish to configure from the Weekday dropdown. If the time that the additional provider is for the entire day, you can have the Start and End times mirror the opening and closing times for the clinic. If, however, the additional provider will be on-hand for only a portion of the day, you can set the Start/End to match his/her times in the clinic. Set the velocity value to equal that of both/all providers, e.g., 8.0 if you're adding one 4.0 provider to an existing 4.0 provider, since this is the sum velocity to which you're changing the clinic velocity. You can do this for as many providers/days as needed, then click the green + button to preserve your changes.

NOTE: if you do not wish to add a recurring day-of-the-week and only wish to add a one-time occurrence, you can use the next configuration line and enter the DATE (MM/DD/YYYY) instead of the day of the week. Then enter the Start, End, and velocity as you would for a recurring day-of-the-week, then click the + button to preserve your changes. This configuration will only exist until the date/time passes, then the configuration will 'self-expire', i.e., you will not have to remember (or set a reminder) to go back and change the velocity back to its original value.

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.