Technical Level: Easy

All SMS messages come pre-configured with default text verbiage, but each clinic has the ability to modify the verbiage to reflect their unique message to their patients.

Clinics will receive a document called the PatientCommunication.docx. Should you or anyone at your clinic wish to modify any message, please create the new message in-line in the document to show the old message next to its new version and return the modified .docx file to your implementation manager or Clockwise Support.



Initial Message: Your estimated visit is at [visit_time]. You'll receive a reminder msg XX mins before the visit. Please arrive 10 minutes before your visit time.


Initial Message: Your estimated visit is at [visit_time]. You'll receive a text reminder message before your visit. Please arrive 20 minutes before your visit time and sign in at the kiosk near the front desk.

Your text message changes can be configured at:

*replace the 'xxx' with your clinic ID*

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click the green Save Changes button to preserve any changes you have made.

NOTE: if you wish to configure SMS survey messages, you must first arrange to have a Clockwise implementation manager or support person enable SMS surveys in your clinic. This is a paid upgrade and is based on your clinic throughput. Once the SMS survey option has been enabled, you will then see an additional survey section. Surveys will be covered in detail in a separate knowledge base topic.

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.