Technical Level: Easy

The Matricom G-Box is an Android device that converts a 'dumb' TV into a 'smart' TV and allows it to display a web page - in this case, the web page that contains the clinic's patient queue - on the TV screen.

Because it is displaying a web page, it is necessary that the G-Box be connected to the Internet with a strong and reliable connection. If this connection cannot be made, the patient queue cannot be displayed, and the G-Box will display an error message indicating that network connectivity has been lost.

ClockwiseMD cannot help you restore this connection per se - that is the bailiwick of your local IT department or your Internet service provider (ISP) - but we can offer these suggestions which may help you pinpoint the cause and remedy the issue:

  • Re-position the G-Box to give it best line-of-sight to the wifi router which services it
  • If using your clinic's guest wifi network, consider placing the G-Box on your production network
  • If the G-Box is located some distance from the router, it may be on the fringe of connectivity; consider installing a wireless access point between your router and G-Box to increase signal strength

Note: The G-Box may be hard-wired to your network via an Ethernet cable plugged into the RJ-45 port on the back of the G-Box; if you do this, you'll need to reconfigure the G-Box in its settings so that the wifi is turned 'off' and the Ethernet connection is turned 'on'.

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