Technical Level: Easy

The iPad can be used as either a check-in kiosk or a nurse station for the purpose of calling back wait room patients. Since, in either case, the iPad is displaying a web page, it is required that the iPad have a strong, reliable Internet connection. Without this connection, the iPad cannot display the page correctly.

If you discover that the iPad is not displaying the page correctly, you can try any of the following methods to resolve the issue:

• Ensure that the signal strength indicator on the iPad indicates that it is receiving a strong wifi signal. If not, you may need to either re-position or re-orient the iPad to receive the strongest signal. Also check to ensure that the iPad is connecting to the strongest wifi router possible. Many times, clinics elect to have the iPad connect on their guest wifi network rather than on the stronger production network.

• Network adapters are now available which allow iPads to be connected to your network via an Ethernet connection, ensuring the most reliable connection. There is a trade-off, however, in that you may now risk a tripping hazard with the CAT5 cable which previously did not exist when using wifi.

• If you find you are having issues connecting using the pre-configured URL which begins with 'https', try changing the URL to begin with 'http' instead. Some networks' firewall may not be configured to use 'https' or it may be blocked or lost in the route back to Clockwise. Using 'http' will allow the connection to re-route or pass through the firewall unimpeded. The connection to Clockwise remains secure as it is always re-directed to use 'https' at the Clockwise server.

For more information in making this change, see the knowledge base article and accompanying video entitled 'Configuring Your iPad to Use HTTP' . (

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