Technical Level: Moderate

This article refers to the Matricom G-Box Q which has a blue lit 'G' then powered. If your G-Box has a stamped silver 'G' (not lit) on the top, you should see the article for the Midnight model.

The steps in this article will walk you through setting up your Matricom G-Box Model Q.

PLEASE NOTE: in order for your G-Box Android device to display the ClockwiseMD wait room or nurse screen web pages, it must first have a reliable Internet connection. If your G-Box or nurse screen are displaying messages indicating a network outage, ClockwiseMD Support will not be able to help you troubleshoot any issues unless/until you first restore Internet connectivity.

If your G-Box has already been configured, it may have temporarily lost connectivity to the Internet. You may be able to restore connectivity by performing any or all of the following:

• Find the G-Box remote and click the red power button upper-left. If the screen presents a reboot option, click Reboot and allow the G-Box to reboot and then boot all the way up to the home screen. The G-Box is configured to automatically start the UrgentQ app 15 seconds after first displaying the home page. A few seconds after switching to the UrgentQ page, it should then load the web page which displays your patient queue.

• If your G-Box does not display a reboot option, it is a newer firmware version (1.4). See the addendum of the attached instructions for a workaround to the reboot option. You can also reboot the G-Box by locating the box and unplugging the small, round power cable (right side as you face the back), leaving it out for ten seconds, and then re-plugging the power cable to the box.

If network connectivity still has not been restored, you can additionally try any of the following:

• Re-position the G-Box to give it best line-of-sight to the wifi router which services it;

• If using your clinic's guest wifi network, consider placing the G-Box on your production network;

• If the G-Box is located some distance from the router, it may be on the fringe of connectivity; consider installing a wireless access point between your router and G-Box to increase signal strength

• The G-Box may be hard-wired to your network via an Ethernet cable plugged into the RJ-45 port on the back of the G-Box; if you do this, you'll need to reconfigure the G-Box in its settings so that the wifi is turned 'off' and the Ethernet connection is turned 'on'.

Should you have any comments or questions, be sure and use the links in the right side bar to contact ClockwiseMD Support.