Technical Level: Easy

This article refers to the Matricom G-Box Q which has a blue lit 'G' then powered.

Matricom, maker of the G-Box Model Q, has released an OTA (over-the-air) firmware update, Version 2.0, Android 5.1.1. A Clockwise.MD customer support article outlining the details of the update process can be found here:

In some cases, after the update, the G-Box will enter either Sleep mode or Daydream mode after a period of inactivity causing the monitor screen to go dark, which is not desirable in a wait room scenario. To keep the G-Box from falling asleep, follow these steps:

In System Settings > Advanced Settings> More Settings > About G box

Click on "Build Number" numerous times until a message flashes that you are in"developer mode" then when Developer Options Toggle "Stay Awake."