Some clinics ask patients for their visit reason at the time of scheduling in order to place patients into the appropriate queue or service line. This is achieved by a 2 step process: creating visit reasons in Clockwise and mapping them to specific queues. 

Many clinics don't need to add visit reasons because they are single-queue, and Clockwise is not integrated with their EMR. However, for those using multiple queues, collecting visit reasons has the advantage of not only sorting your patients into the correct queue, but also assigning specific visit reason lengths, if applicable.

To add and map visit reasons, navigate to:

Settings > Available Times > Hospital Reasons

Enter a description and click "Add Reason." You can sort your list of Reasons alphabetically (click the "Sort A-Z" button) or by using the move arrows to the right of the reason name.

You should designate a "Default" reason by clicking the checkbox. This is the reason that Clockwise will use to calculate projected walk-in wait times. On almost all clinics, the default reason should be "Urgent Care" or what you've renamed that reason.

After you create a reason, navigate to:

Settings > Available Times > Queues and Reasons

Here is where you will assign reasons to a specific Provider or Queue. For this example, let's say I already created a visit reason using the steps above: Flu Shot. I want to assign Flu Shot to my Nurse Visit queue, so those patients aren't waiting behind Urgent Care patients.

On this screen I'm going to click the "Edit Reasons" button that is attached to my Nurse Visit queue. You can see I already have a reason (Drug Screen) mapped to this queue.

I clicked "Create New Reason" and chose Flu Shot from the drop down list of all my visit reasons when I select a description.

Next, I will choose what day(s) to offer this Flu Shots, in this case, "Any." Next, I will determine a start and end time to offer Flu Shots. Because I can give Flu Shots anytime the clinic is open, I will leave the start/end times at 12:00AM. Office hours will regulate the times offered for me. Next, I will choose where to offer this Visit Reason. My clinic is not using Primary Care or a Call Center, so I will click the boxes "Is Walkin?" and "Is Online?" to show this visit reason option on the checkin kiosk and the online scheduling page, respectively. Next, I will determine the visit length. The Velocity for my Nurse Visit queue is 6 - meaning 10 minute visit slots. While my Flu Shots only take 5 minutes to perform, I don't want to offer these visits every 5 minutes because I still need to account for some registration time. So I will leave the length blank to tell Clockwise that it should use my regular velocity for this visit reason. Next, I want to configure Max Slots. I can only give 10 Flu Shots per day, so I will set this to 10. If there were no limit to this visit type, I would leave this field blank. Finally, click "Add Reason" to save your work.

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