Some clinics ask patients for their visit reason at the time of scheduling in order to place patients into the appropriate queue or service line. This is achieved by a 2 step process: creating visit reasons in Clockwise and mapping them to specific queues. 

Reference this article to learn how to add  and map visit reasons.

In this article, we will look at the process of adding a new queue. 

To add a new queue, navigate to:

Settings > Available Times > Queues and Reasons

In the blank text box, enter the name of your new queue, and click "Add Queue." After you've added your queue, you will want to check and configure a few additional settings. 

  • First, you can map your already-created visit reasons with these instructions to ensure that choosing a specific visit reason will place the patient into the correct queue.
  • After you've mapped the visit reasons, visit the following settings on the Settings sidebar:
    • Office Hours - set the office hours for the new queue. Frequently, these hours will match the existing queues.
    • Online Scheduling - Determine if you want this queue available for online scheduling. If you want scheduling into this queue restricted to walk-ins and/or staff-adds, leave this setting off.
    • Velocities - Set your default velocity (or patients per hour) for this queue.
    • Online Sign-In Page - Here is where you can set queue-level online scheduling restrictions. While the scheduling window is universal, you can set queue-level buffers. Remember, these restrictions do not apply to walk-in or staff-added patients.
    • Wait Room Screen - Give your queue a wait room screen name. This can be the same name as the queue itself, or you can choose something different. You can also elect whether or not you want to show the individual wait times on the wait room screen for this queue.
    • Text Messages - You can modify SMS message verbiage at the queue level if desired.
    • Data Views - It is helpful for clinical staff to see which queue a patient belongs to on both the Clockwise Patient Queue and Nurse Screen pages. Using Data Views, you can add the column called "Provider" to each of your tables.

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