Data Views is a tool that allows for more customization of the staff-facing Patient Queue, Nurse Screen, and Call Center screens. The potential customization ranges from easy, administrator-accessible changes such as adding or reordering visible columns to more complex configurations like adding a new table. If you would like to explore the possibilities in Data Views, please contact our Support Team.

The most frequent use of Data Views will be to add, remove, or reorder columns on the staff-facing screens. For example, perhaps you want to add a column for "Visit Reason" on the Patient Queue. To accomplish this, navigate to Settings:

Staff Screens > Data Views > Standard Patient Queue > Selected Columns > Add A Column

In this menu, you will see all the available standard column options as well as any custom fields that have been added. From the dropdown menu, select the option "Reason," and then click Add. Simply click column box to drag the column to the desired order. When complete, click Save.

If your changes need to be applied across multiple clinics, you need not do that manually. Instead, please contact our Support Team so we can make those changes quickly for you.